Dealing with Abusive Behaviour Policy: Download

Dealing with Abusive Behaviour Policy: Download


Dealing with challenging, intimidating, threatening and confrontational behaviour from parents and carers? 

Sadly, it’s true that more and more practitioners are coming forward to say that dealing with such behaviour has become fairly commonplace.  However, be assured that it is not part of your role to suffer it.   We all have the right to go to work and carry out our job to the best of our ability and protection from abusive behaviour is an employment right.  Furthermore, such behaviour is not conducive to effectively responding to and resolving the issues that may have lead to it.

We support children and their families with a broad range of issues on a day-to-day basis as part of our role in promoting the holistic learning and development of the child. This can sometimes bring rise to situations of conflict no matter how experienced you are at dealing with incidents sensitively.

Hopefully, your partnerships with parents and carers are positive and supportive of children’s emerging needs and progress.  However, to clearly communicate and prevent the possibility of aggressive and abusive behaviours escalating, The ‘Dealing with Abusive Behaviour’ policy and procedure broadens out your systems for dealing with challenging situations to safeguard children and staff, covering:

  • Aggressive and abusive behaviour as a safeguarding concern
  • The impact of witnessing aggressive and abusive behaviour for children
  • Zero tolerance of aggressive and abusive behaviour
  • The rights of all staff to fulfil their roles in an environment free of aggressive and abusive behaviour
  • The process to follow to protect children and staff from aggressive and abusive behaviour
  • The consequences of displaying aggressive or abusive behaviour alongside implication upon parent contracts
  • Links to underpinning aspects of the complaints policy and ‘safer working practices’
  • Clear guidance upon intent of behaviour and description of behaviours that may be interpreted as aggressive and abusive
  • Parental support and signposting advice
  • Link up support for students and less experienced practitioners experiencing or anticipating aggressive and abusive behaviour
  • We also have the ‘Safer Working Practices’ Handbook available to download, which you can add to and develop with your staff to further enhance your safeguarding processes.

This product also includes a free poster to help communicate your no tolerance abuse policy.

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