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Our Choice Board Download
  • Our Choice Board Download
  • Our Choice Board Download

Our Choice Board Download

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Visual timetables provide structure to the day. Children need to be able to see what their day entails, for example, they need to understand what is coming up next, and given the opportunity to remove cards when an activity is 'finished', as well as to help them understand that that stage is 'finished' and it is time to move on to something else. This routine structure encourages independence and confidence (PSED).


Furthermore, visual timetables help children to settle, they can help reduce anxiety as they enable children to see what is coming next in their day. Children can also see that home time will arrive soon thus helping them to learn to follow their routine and make their own choices. (PSED, UW, CL)


Timetables and choice boards help with continuity and permanence.


They are also extremely beneficial to children with language and communication difficulties, particularly the use of choice boards (CL)


Our choice board can be used to allow a group of children to choose what toys/activities they would like to play with/do either that day, or that week or maybe in a particular room. Also included is a smaller choice board with 3 boxes marked 'first, next, last', this could be for an individual child to be able to choose 3 things to do, in order and be able to, with the help of an adult, understand when an activity is 'finished' and move on. This is really beneficial to children who need a little extra support. Included is a wide range of cards to choose from. (PSED, CL, KU, L, PD)



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