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Terms and Conditions

Where is the long print?
Working in an early years setting is jam-packed enough, so we have tried to keep it short and sweet (in a relative fashion); you will find our Terms And Conditions this way.


What is the cost and turnaround time for delivery after placing my order?
Standard delivery for all orders in the UK and Northern Ireland is £2.50 and can take two to three working days to be delivered.  Please understand that these factors are subject to change depending on the size of your order and speed of requested delivery.  Need to know exactly how much?  Get in touch.


How can I pay for my order?
You can pay for your order using a credit card, debit card, through PayPal or we can have your order invoiced to you.  Invoice arrangements must be agreed beforehand, and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  All invoiced products must be paid for within fifteen days, and specific terms will apply.  Products will remain the ownership of EYFS Resources until fully paid for.  Invoices can be paid via bank transfer, cheque or again by card.


What is personalisation and product development?

Your setting needs to look its best and function effectively at all times, and we are here to help with a virtual smorgasbord of early years provider resources.  Our product development team are highly skilled and incredibly inventive.  They offer a service from adding a company logo, name or address to a standard item; modifying pre-school resources to fit better into your setting; or developing a new topic for you from scratch.

Your personalisation is achieved via high-tech printing to a paper item or object, or computerised embroidery to a garment or fabric final product.  So you can always be assured of a great looking addition to your early years business.

For some we have developed new resource ‘packs’, gathering items, toys and lesson plans into one easy to use product; others have needed branding of garments, even on hi-visibility vests (imagine that, a troop of pre-schoolers all looking great outdoors in their matching hi-vis vests, smart, safe and recognised); and others just need a logo adding to inspection compliant paperwork for that truly professional look.  The possibilities are vast, just get in touch and ask.  Go on, don’t be shy!


Can I return my order?

We strive to ensure your absolute satisfaction.  However, if you are not wholly satisfied with your product, please let us know as soon as you can, together with details of the fault and how it has affected your use of the item.  Refunds will be made for any shortage, a defect in condition, failure of an item to correspond with an order, or non-delivery.  Returns will be made at your cost and must be in the original condition and unused.  Please see our Terms And Conditions for further details.

About EYFS Resources

Is there a company or organisation behind you?

No, EYFS Resources is a group of like-minded professionals most of which are EYPs/EYTs.  They came together to improve EYFS products and business support out of a desire to improve early years education in a fair and quality-driven way.  If you want to know more, meet the team to read our history.  Transparency and real partnership are the foundations of the company.


Does EYFS Resources make tea?

EYFS Resources is excellent at leading practice in early years settings but we are not so great at making tea.  However, we can always be relied upon to bring the biscuits!

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EYFS Resources Ltd, Suite 2a, Houghton Barn Farmhouse, Altham Lane, Altham, Lancashire, BB5 5US

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